Partners In Learning is committed to providing international students the opportunity to study in the United States to improve their proficiency in the English language and prepare for university or college. U.S. based private Christian schools make available the resources and tools they need. Partners works with students from the beginning as they look for schools that fit their needs. We assist with finding host families that offer a nurturing living environment during their educational and cross-cultural experience in the United States. We partner with private high schools and middle schools that emphasize excellence in academic study and the development of a strong work ethic and moral values based on a Christan worldview. 

Support Services:

Services provided to international students seeking middle school or high school placement:

  • Assist students in finding a placement in I-20 approved schools
  • Provide assistance with school applications and necessary paperwork for visa application
  • Identify host families for students upon acceptance to a school
  • Helps to orient the student to host family and school expectations
  • Provide students with full details of financial obligations, secure full payment of tuition, host family stipend, health insurance when needed and additional school fees
  • Maintains open communication with the student throughout the academic school year via phone calls, emails or school visits
  • Serves to mediate any issues that come between host family and student or student and school